Levente Hunyadi

Work experience

system architect at Ericsson Research and Development Hungary, Budapest (2011–)

Lead designer for an extensible high-performance load generation framework.

Brief description: Having acquired an existing tool intended to generate load to test system performance under stress, previously developed by an Ericsson business partner, I have played a major part in both the transition process and laying the foundations for a framework with significantly higher performance, improved extensibility and ease-of-use. The transition process involved a one-month period spent in Sweden, with active participation in design and coding. Once in Budapest, leading the software development process for a small team, I have taken a major role in drafting a new architecture for the product, creating a prototype implementation, and supervising the migration of existing protocol implementations to the new framework. The team has achieved outstanding speed, with agility to react to trouble reports and customer requests.

Technologies involved: C++03 (with C++11 extensions), Boost, Linux


Developer experience


Programming languages I use in daily work and fields where I have over 5 years of experience.

  • Multi-paradigm languages
    • C++ (both C++03 and C++11 with Standard Template Library and Boost)
  • Interpreted (script) languages
    • MatLab (procedural and object-oriented)
    • PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (Joomla CMS system)
    • JavaScript and web technologies
  • Software design, architectural and design patterns


Fields where I have approximately 2-3 years of (recent or less recent) experience. Even while I do not necessarily use these programming languages in daily work, I have a strong command of them and able to pick up specifics quickly.

  • Object-oriented languages
    • C# (Windows Forms, ASP.NET)
    • Java/JavaScript cross-compilation with Google Web Toolkit
  • Imperative languages
    • Compiled languages
      • C
    • Interpreted (script) languages
      • Python 2/3
  • Declarative languages
    • Logic languages
      • Prolog (SWI-Prolog)
        • clp(fd) (Constraint Logic Programming over Finite Domain)
    • Query languages
      • Structured Query Language



At the end of my Master's and as a PhD student, I have assisted in teaching various courses on software design, database and web technologies, and introductory programming.