showplus Image Slideshow


showplus is an eye-catching slideshow for a front-page to display a set of images with user-defined transition between them. It is easy to get started with but offers a number of customization options for more advanced users.

showplus is powered by a slideshow script written in plain JavaScript framework, and uses no Flash technology or JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or MooTools. Having a showplus slideshow on a page incurs a footprint of about 14 Kb with only a single CSS file and a JavaScript file included in the page header.

The majority of the server-side code base for showplus has been derived from the successful image gallery plug-in sigplus, whereas client-side browser code has been developed specifically for showplus and is also available separately.


  • responsive design, scales to arbitrary size
  • choose from six transition animation types: fade, zoom, pan, Ken Burns effect, push, wipe
  • attach captions to images with multilingual support using a labels file with fall-back to a default caption
  • hyperlink each image to an arbitrary location
  • order images according to filename or last modified time, shuffle images each time the page is shown, or specify custom order
  • quickly navigate between images with a horizontal or vertical navigation bar
  • use it with both left-to-right and right-to-left languages
  • meaningful output even if JavaScript is disabled in the browser

Installation and setup

Download the latest version of showplus and check out the Quick start instructions for a step-by-step guide on how to get showplus operational on your website.


showplus is hosted at BitBucket.