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This page demonstrates the capabilities of sigplus and serves as a means of verifying that all features are fully functional. (Notice: Photographs are copyright by their respective owners. All photographs are used with permission.)

Pop-up window engines

sigplus has its own stylish pop-up window implementation called boxplus but also ships with several third-party animated lightbox engines. The following examples demonstrate the pop-up window types available within sigplus.

Slider engines

A great addition to fixed layout is that it opens up the possibility to using sliders. In sigplus, the concept of slider is broad: it ranges from a conventional slider that arranges images on a sliding ribbon through a carousel (or, in other words rotator) where the ribbon is joined at the ends to image transitions where fancy effects can be used to blend one image into the other. The examples illustrate the merits of each of the different engines.

Metadata and download option

sigplus can extract image metadata stored in IPTC headers. In the examples below, click the small icon to display metadata in a pop-up window, or the download icon to save the image to your computer. (Downloading images is permitted for testing purposes only, see copyright notice at bottom.)


sigplus galleries can be aligned to the left or right, either allowing or not allowing text to flow around the gallery, or can be centered. Alignment is sensitive to text directionality (left-to-right vs. right-to-left languages. In addition, sigplus features two different layout modes: fixed layout where images are aligned in a row, column or grid, and flow layout, which supports laying out images in a compact free-flow manner. The examples that follow illustrate the various layout modes.

Image formats and watermarking

sigplus can process the lossy image format JPEG, as well as the lossless image formats GIF and PNG, both with index and alpha channel transparency. For all image formats, sigplus supports watermarking.

Sort criteria

Images in a gallery can be presented according to many different sort criteria both in ascending and descending order. Primarily, images follow the order they are listed in the labels file (first row) but other sort options include file name (second row), last modification time, or random arrangement (third row, refresh the page to shuffle images).

Front page slideshow

The boxplus image transition engine shipped with sigplus lets you showcase a few images to attract the attention of visitors. Combined with a labels file where each entry contains a landing page link, you can have your visitors taken to particular subpages depending on which image they click on.