Pop-up window engines

sigplus has its own stylish pop-up window implementation called boxplus but also ships with several third-party animated lightbox engines. The following examples demonstrate the pop-up window types available within sigplus.

The boxplus pop-up window

[≥ 1.3] sigplus has an own pop-up window implementation integrated into the extension. boxplus is bundled with the sigplus distribution, you can choose among a set of different themes (from left to right): light square, dark square, light rounded, dark rounded, prettyPhoto-inspired theme. To promote social network integration, boxplus pop-up windows can have a Like button (rightmost).

boxplus features a scrollable thumbnail strip that helps fast navigation without closing the pop-up window. The strip can be positioned either over or below the image being shown.

Syntax to position thumbnails over image (click image to the left):

{gallery lightbox=boxplus lightbox:thumbs=inside}sigplus/birds2{/gallery}

Syntax to position thumbnails below image (click image to the left):

{gallery lightbox=boxplus lightbox:thumbs=outside}sigplus/birds2{/gallery}

Other pop-up window engines

Click each image in the table below to see what the corresponding lightbox engine looks like. Use the small buttons above each preview image, the larger overlay buttons that appear when you move the mouse over the image, or the pop-up window's own controls to navigate between images.

boxplus hover