Work experience

Tech Lead at IBM Watson Media, Budapest (2018–2020)

Lead architect for a closed captioning and video analysis product portfolio, part of the Watson suite for major media companies.

Utilizing artificial intelligence research in speech-to-text, visual recognition and natural language understanding, our team created close to real-time applications that automatically enrich video content with metadata for video indexing and search, as well as provide punctuated transcripts for live broadcast streams in English and Spanish. Our responsibilities ranged from integrating external research assets into our product portfolio to developing our own algorithms for solving complex machine learning problems; spanning the entire software development flow taking code from inception to being deployed as a highly available cloud service. Our solution has been integrated with over 80 stations of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group across the US.

My responsibilities included problem analysis, overall system design, balancing business and engineering objectives, communicating with offering representatives, coordinating the engineering aspects of a multi-site team (mainly Atlanta, Budapest, Haifa), creating inventions (patents), solution design and code review, mentoring.

Technologies involved: Go, C++, Boost, Python, Keras, TensorFlow, SQL, Elastic­Search, Kubernetes, IBM Cloud

Developer experience

Practicing software engineering, I have been involved in designing and developing heterogeneous systems. I have taken part in crafting high-performance applications as well as cross-platform solutions. My interests include multi-paradigm and domain-specific languages, distributed systems, automated software engineering and portable software. I have work as well as teaching experience in software architecture, web technologies, functional and logic programming. Besides being affiliated with companies including IBM, LogMeIn, Ericsson and Nokia, I have run various open-source projects. I have team leadership experience in an agile context, and enjoy speaking and writing on technical subjects. Having a diverse background, with both academic and computer software industry experience, I am able to apply my previous knowledge to solving new and complex problems.


At the end of my Master's and as a PhD student, I have assisted in teaching various courses on software design, database and web technologies, and introductory programming.