At the end of my Master's and as a PhD student, I have assisted in teaching various courses on software design, database and web technologies, and introductory programming. 

CourseDepartmentRoleSemesterFromTillDetails and description of activities
Advanced Software Design AAIT  lecturer spring 2007/2008 spring 2009/2010 spring This is an elective subject on the Software Engineering MSc course for foreign students. I gave lectures on UML design, use cases, software development process and design patterns. The lectures were supplemented with lab practices in which students design and implement an application of their choice using the techniques covered in class.
Integrated information systems AAIT  lecturer fall 2007/2008 fall 2009/2010 fall A few classes on web portals
Software technologies and information visualization AAIT demonstrator fall 2007/2008 fall   ASP.NET
Fundamentals of programming 1. EET lecturer fall 2008/2009 fall 2009/2010 fall Regular classes to undergradute IT engineer students
Fundamentals of programming 1. HIT demonstrator fall 2007/2008 fall   Lab classes to undergraduate electrical engineer students giving an overview of the programming language C.
Declarative programming IIT SZIT demonstrator  spring 2006/2007 spring   Seminars and laboratory practices with participation in midterm test correction, and assistance in oral examinations.
Databases computer laboratory IIT TMIT demonstrator  spring 2005/2006 spring  2008/2009 spring Computer lab classes covering various aspects of client-side database programming (SQL, PHP, Java, XSLT). Besides taking part in evaluating submitted homework assignments, in 2007 Levente Erős and I prepared material for the laboratory class on PHP, used by nearly 600 students.
Computer networks IIT demonstrator  both 2004/2005 spring 2006/2007 fall I took part in midterm test and written examination correction, as well as evaluation of optional competitive assignments.
Declarative programming IIT demonstrator  spring 2004/2005 spring 2006/2007 fall I participated in midterm test correction, assisted in oral examinations, and conducted optional laboratory practice classes.