boxplus demo page

boxplus is a lightweight pop-up window implementation (commonly known as lightbox) licensed under the GPL and written using the jQuery library. boxplus ships with sigplus, which is an all-inclusive image gallery for Joomla.

This page lets you personalize boxplus to suit your needs. For a full list of boxplus features as well as instructions on how to set up and use boxplus are discussed on the boxplus home page.

Interactive customization

Use the dialog box that opens upon clicking the hyperlink and the HTML form below to customize several aspects of boxplus on-line. Any changes you make are applied immediately, you can test your settings by clicking any of the thumbnail images to open the gallery. Once you are done, use the code generator below to emit code that you can paste into the head section of your page. (If you use sigplus, you should copy-and-paste the DOM tree ready event code only to the end of boxplus.js and boxplus.uncompressed.js in the directory /plugins/content/sigplus/engines/boxplus/js relative to your Joomla root.)

boxplus pop-up window configuration
boxplus slider customization
boxplus image transition customization

Content type examples

Sample HTML source

Code generator

The code generator assumes the latest version of boxplus is installed on your system; some features may not be applicable to earlier versions. By downloading the latest “nightly build”, you can have access to all features. (You find the boxplus distribution in the folder sigplus/engines/boxplus inside the sigplus archive.)

If you use sigplus ≥ 1.3.0, the contents of the “nightly build” should overwrite files in the directory plugins/content/sigplus/engines/boxplus/. If you use sigplus 1.2.8, the contents of the folder popup in the archive has to replace files in the directory plugins/content/sigplus/engines/boxplus/ (some changes to the generated code might be necessary, e.g. replace boxplus-disabled with boxplus-disable).

boxplus code generation