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sigplus version 1.3.x is compatible with Joomla 1.5 only, while sigplus
version 1.4.x requires Joomla 1.6 or later (including Joomla 2.5).

The packages below are development releases, with varying level of
stability, use them in a production environment only at your own risk.
Feedback on how these releases perform, however, are most welcome at the
address "hunyadi [at] gmäil [dot] cóm" (please drop accents when sending
an e-mail).

When you install sigplus directly from this server <>
using "Install from URL" in the Joomla administration back-end, some
clients decompress the gzip file into a tar file on the fly. Joomla
cannot install a tar file and will report an error. Do not assume that
the installation package is corrupt. If you save the file first to your
own computer and install it using "Upload Package File", there should be
no problems reported.
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