This article collects frequently asked questions related to common issues and provides a resolution for each of them.

When visiting a page with a sigplus gallery, a user and password prompt appears.

Background: By default, sigplus saves generated images like preview and thumbnail images into the Joomla cache folder. However, some sites protect the cache directory with .htaccess (used with Apache web server) or web.config (used with Microsoft IIS web server). If a directory is protected with a password then the browser prompts a dialog asking for user name and password when you visit a page that requests resources from the password-protected directory. If you fail to provide the right password, the preview and thumbnail images won't display, and a broken image icon will be shown or the image loader icon will be forever spinning instead.

Resolution 1: Remove password protection on the directory /cache and /administrator/cache, or restrict the protection to those folders that don't belong to sigplus. Ensure that sub-directories such as preview, thumb or watermark are not protected.

Resolution 2: Change the target directory where sigplus is saving generated images. For the back-end configuration setting Folder for caching images, choose media folder. The media directory in Joomla is seldom protected with a password because it is also where other Joomla visuals (e.g. icons) are stored and served from.