Not all parameters are generic enough to grant a dedicated visual on the sigplus configuration page. Engine-specific parameters allow further customization beyond standard configuration settings.

All settings that take the form of lightbox:param or rotator:param are engine-specific parameters. The prefix lightbox: indicates that the parameter is to be passed to the lightbox pop-up window engine, and the prefix rotator: indicates that it should be passed to the rotator (slider) engine. (param is a placeholder for the exact parameter name.)

It depends entirely on the engine how engine-specific parameters are interpreted. For example, the boxplus lightbox pop-up window has parameters like navigation, controls and captions that set the position of the quick-access navigation bar, the control buttons and the captions with respect to the main viewport area. In a similar fashion, the rotator engine has parameters like transition and orientation. Third-party engines like Slimbox and FancyBox have their own sets of custom parameters, and you can use engine-specific parameters to set values for them.

Engine-specific parameters can be passed either in the activation tag, or defined as Additional settings.

The following example illustrates how to set engine-specific parameters in the activation tag:

{gallery lightbox:captions=above lightbox:controls=below rotator:transition=fade}...{/gallery}

If you want engine-specific parameters to apply to all (or most) of your galleries, it's better to open the sigplus plugin configuration page in the Joomla back-end, click the Advanced settings tab and look for the text box labeled Additional settings. Each setting should be a separate line:


The following tables show engine-specific configuration settings for some engines. Tables are not exhaustive. Consult the documentation or JavaScript code of each engine to learn what parameters are available. Some parameters as set automatically by sigplus in response to standard configuration settings (e.g. lightbox:loop, rotator:rows or rotator:cols). Engine-specific parameters set directly always override parameters set or inherited in other ways.

Parameters for boxplus pop-up window

Parameter Description
lightbox:useDevicePixelRatio Whether to use the physical to logical pixel ratio of the display device (e.g. mobile displays or retina display on the Mac).
lightbox:navigation Position of quick-access navigation bar w.r.t. main viewport area. Takes values hidden (not shown), above (appears above image), top (appears aligned at the top, as an overlay on mouse hover), bottom (appears aligned at the bottom, as an overlay on mouse hover), below (appears below image).
lightbox:controls Position of control buttons w.r.t. main viewport area. Takes the same values as navigation with the same effect.
lightbox:captions Whether to permit the user to open the context menu inside the dialog. Takes the same values as navigation with the same effect.

Parameters for slideplus rotator

Parameter Description
rotator:transition Transition effect used when the slider advances in response to navigation buttons Previous or Next. Can take values slide (new set of images slide in from left/right or top/bottom, default) or fade (new set fades in while old set fades out, same visual effect as for a jump).
rotator:orientation Orientation of the sliding image strip. Can take horizontal (images slide left/right) or vertical (images slide up/down).
rotator:layout Layout of the sliding image strip. Can take natural (layout depends on orientation), row (consecutive images are packed horizontally) or column (consecutive images are packed vertically).