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sigplus has its own stylish pop-up window implementation called boxplus but also ships with several third-party animated lightbox engines. The following examples demonstrate the pop-up window types available within sigplus.

The boxplus pop-up window

sigplus has an own pop-up window implementation integrated into the extension. boxplus is bundled with the sigplus distribution, you can choose among a set of different themes: e.g. light theme and dark theme. boxplus features a scrollable thumbnail strip that helps fast navigation without closing the pop-up window. The strip can be positioned either above or below the image being shown, or aligned to the top or bottom of the image.

{gallery lightbox="boxplus/dark" lightbox:navigation="below"}budapest{/gallery}
{gallery lightbox="boxplus/light" lightbox:navigation="bottom"}budapest{/gallery}

boxplus comes with a lot of parameters, not all of which are exposed on the sigplus plug-in and module configuration pages. However, you can pass parameters directly to lightbox, rotator and caption engines by adding a prefix to an engine-specific parameter. For example, you can use the following syntax to make the boxplus lightbox engine position the quick-access navigation bar at the bottom of the image view area, and place the caption above and the controls (such as Previous and Next buttons) below the main image:

{gallery lightbox:navigation=bottom lightbox:captions=above lightbox:controls=below}budapest{/gallery}

In the example above, controls is the name of a parameter boxplus understands, and lightbox: (ending with a colon) tells sigplus to forward it to boxplus without changes. For a full list of parameters, check out how to set custom gallery parameters on the boxplus project page.

Third-party pop-up window engines

Click each image in the list below to see what the corresponding lightbox pop-up window engine looks like. Use the small buttons below each preview image or the pop-up window's own controls to navigate between images.

Like with boxplus, it is possible to pass engine-specific parameters directly to these other pop-up window engines with the help of the prefix lightbox: (ending with a colon). Consult the documentation of these third-party products on what parameters they accept.


Bootstrap Modal is Bootstrap's JavaScript modal plugin bundled with Joomla for displaying lightbox pop-up dialogs.

{gallery lightbox="bootstrap"}budapest{/gallery}


FancyBox is a third-party engine licensed under MIT and GPL licenses.

{gallery lightbox="fancybox"}budapest{/gallery}


hoverplus is a window engine that activates on mouse-over (unlike other engines that activate on mouse click). Useful for providing a magnifier effect.

{gallery lightbox="hoverplus"}budapest{/gallery}


Slimbox2 is a third-party engine licensed under the MIT license.

{gallery lightbox="slimbox2"}budapest{/gallery}