sigplus version series 1.5.x (code-named Novo) is a major improvement compared to earlier version series 1.4.x. This section shows how to map settings from an earlier version to the latest version.

sigplus version 1.5.x can be installed over an earlier 1.4.x series version (so-called update installation); sigplus does a best-effort attempt to migrate configuration settings. However, not all 1.4.x settings have 1.5.x equivalents with matching meaning (and vice versa). After a successful installation, you are encouraged to open the sigplus configuration page, review settings, and save the page even if you made no changes. Saving ensures that any settings that prevail from a 1.4.x version are forced into a state that the new 1.5.x version understands.

Updating from an earlier 1.4.x version to a later version in the 1.4.x series (e.g. from 1.4.0 to 1.4.2), or updating from an 1.5.x version to a later version in the 1.5.x series is a seamless update. However, updating from 1.4.x to 1.5.x might require that you review back-end configuration settings and how the sigplus activation tag is used. Unless you relied on advanced features in the 1.4.x series, migration should be easy. Because updating from 1.4.x to 1.5.x might require manual intervention, the Joomla installer will never prompt to update a 1.4.x series version to a 1.5.x version (even though the update is possible).

The following table helps you convert configuration settings from sigplus 1.4.x to sigplus Novo (sigplus 1.5.x or later). In the first column you find the parameters that belong to sigplus Novo in the same order and with the same name as they appear in the administration back-end. The second column contains the corresponding activation tag parameter names that belong to the back-end names. Finally, the third and the fourth column contain the appropriate parameters from sigplus 1.4.x with their back-end names and parameter names. If a sigplus Novo parameter in a row does not have a matching sigplus 1.4.x parameter name then it means the current setting cannot be configured in earlier versions of sigplus, only in sigplus Novo. Missing back-end names indicate that configuration is possible solely in the body of an article with attributes in the activation tag but not in the administration back-end. Names printed in italics are drop-down list item names.

sigplus Novo (sigplus 1.5.x) sigplus 1.4.x
Back-end name Parameter name Back-end name Parameter name
Base folder base_folder Base folder
Gallery layout layout Gallery layout layout
fixed with rotator fixed fixed fixed
flow without rotator flow flow flow
packed without rotator packed
hidden hidden
Image row count rows Rows rows
Image column count cols Columns cols
Maximum image count maxcount Maximum preview image count maxcount
Alignment on page alignment Alignment alignment
left left left left
left with text wrapping around left-float left with text wrapping around left-float
center center center center
right right right right
right with text wrapping around right-float right with text wrapping around right-float
Perview image width preview_width Perview image width width
Preview image height preview_height Preview image height height
Crop when rescaling preview_crop Crop when resizing crop
yes yes or 1 yes 1
no no or 0 no 0
Lightbox pop-up type lightbox Lightbox pop-up lightbox
none none none none
boxplus light theme boxplus/light boxplus light square theme boxplus/lightsquare
boxplus dark theme boxplus/dark boxplus dark square theme boxplus/darksquare
boxplus light rounded theme boxplus/lightrounded
boxplus dark rounded theme boxplus/darkrounded
Center on scroll lightbox_autocenter
yes yes or 1
no no or 0
Fit to window lightbox_autofit lightbox:autofit
yes yes or 1 1
no no or 0 0
Lightbox navigation bar lightbox_thumbs lightbox:thumbs
Overlaying image inside inside
In caption area outside outside
Hide none
Slideshow delay (in ms) lightbox_slideshow Slideshow delay slideshow
Autostart slideshow lightbox_autostart
yes 1
no 0
Image slider
none none
boxplus image slider (with jQuery) boxplus.slider
boxplus image carousel (with jQuery) boxplus.carousel
boxplus image transition (with jQuery) boxplus.transition
Image rotator orientation rotator_orientation Image slider orientation orientation
horizontal horizontal horizontal horizontal
vertical vertical vertical vertical
Hotspot navigation rotator_buttons Overlay navigation overlay
Show 1 Show 1
Hide 0 Hide 0
Navigation bar rotator_navigation Navigation bar navigation
bottom bottom bottom bottom
top top top top
both both both both
Navigation buttons buttons
Show 1
none none or 0 Hide 0
Paging buttons rotator_links Navigation links links
Show Show 1
Hide none Hide 0
Page counter counter
Show 1
Hide 0
Navigation trigger rotator_trigger
click click
mouse-over mouseover
Trigger action step rotator_step slider:step
single single single
page page page
Slide duration (in ms) rotator_duration Slide duration duration
Animation delay (in ms) rotator_delay Animation delay animation
Wrap around at end loop slider:loop
On on or 1 1
Off off or 0 0
Image caption visibility caption_visibility
none none
on mouse over only mouseover
always always captions:alwaysOnTop=1
Image caption position caption_position Image caption captions
overlay bottom overlay-bottom boxplus overlay captions (with jQuery) boxplus.caption
overlay top overlay-top
below below
above above
none none
Default image title caption_title Default title deftitle
Default image summary caption_summary Default description text defdescription
Download access level download Download icon download
Guest Guest
Public Public
Registered Registered
Special Special
Show 1
Hide 0
Metadata access level metadat Metadata icon metadata
Guest Guest
Public Public
Registered Registered
Special Special
Show 1
Hide 0
Image protection protection
yes yes or 1 lightbox:contextmenu=0
no no or 0 lightbox:contextmenu=1
Preview margin preview_margin Margin margin
Preview border style preview_border_style Border style borderstyle
default default default default
none none none none
dotted dotted dotted dotted
dashed dashed dashed dashed
solid solid solid solid
double double double double
3D grooved groove 3D grooved groove
3D ridged ridge 3D ridged ridge
3D inset inset 3D inset inset
3D outset outset 3D outset outset
Preview border width preview_border_width Border width borderwidth
Preview border color preview_border_color Border color bordercolor
Preview padding preview_padding Padding padding
Image sort criterion sort_criterion Default sort criterion sortcriterion
labels file (file name) labels-filename labels file (with fallback to filename) labels-filename
labels file (last modification time) labels-mtime labels file (with fallback to modification time) labels-mtime
labels file (file size) labels-filesize
labels file (random order) randomlabels random (restricted to labels file) randomlabels
file name filename file name filename
last modification time mtime last modification time mtime
file size filesize
random random random random
Image sort order sort_order Default sort order sortorder
ascending asc ascending asc
descending desc descending desc
Data population method linkage
embed in HTML body inline
generate using script in HTML head head
generate using external script in cache folder external
Recursion depth depth depth
Watermark position watermark_position watermark:position
none none or 0
north n n
northeast ne ne
east e e
southeast se se
south s s
southwest sw sw
west w w
northwest nw nw
center c c
Distance from horizontal watermark_x watermark:x
Distance from vertical watermark_y watermark:y
Filename for watermark watermark_source Enable watermarking (watermark.png) watermark=1
Thumbnail width thumb_width
Thumbnail height thumb_height
Crop when resizing thumb_crop
yes yes or 1
no no or 0
Lightbox transition effect lightbox_transition lightbox:easing
linear linear
quadratic quadratic
cubicular cubicular
quartetic quartetic
quintic quintic
exponential exponential
circular circular
sinusoidal sinusoidal
back and forth
elastic curve
Rotator item alignment rotator_alignment
center c
north n
northeast ne
east e
southeast se
south s
southwest sw
west w
northwest nw
Rotator transition effect rotator_transition
linear linear
quadratic quadratic
cubicular cubicular
quartetic quartetic
quintic quintic
exponential exponential
circular circular
sinusoidal sinusoidal
back and forth
elastic curve
Image title template caption_title_template
Image summary template caption_summary_template
Folder for caching images cache_image Use cache for generated images
Joomla cache folder
Joomla media folder
Image source folder
Thumbnail folder folder_thumb Thumbnail folder
Preview folder folder_preview Preview folder
Folder for originals folder_fullsize Folder for originals
Folder for watermarking folder_watermarked
Generated image quality quality Thumbnail quality quality
Filename for labels caption_source Filename for labels labels
Use multilingual labels multilingual Multilingual support
yes yes or 1 yes
no no or 0 no
Gallery activation tag tag_gallery Activation tag
Lightbox activation tag tag_lightbox
Additional settings Custom settings
Migrate settings settings_exporter Backup/Restore settings
Export Backup
Import Restore
Base URL base_url Base URL
JavaScript library source library_jsapi Ajax library source
default (use libraries that ship with Joomla core) default (Google CDN with version check)
Google Ajax API CDN Google Ajax API CDN
Microsoft CDN Microsoft CDN
jQuery CDN jQuery CDN
default (use libraries that ship with Joomla core) local copy
Image processing library library_image Image library
default default default
GD (Graphics Draw) gd GD (Graphics Draw)
ImageMagick imagick ImageMagick
Client debug mode debug_client Debug mode
yes yes
no no
Server debug mode debug_server